Francesca Rangoni


Francesca Rangoni

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Capalia is our beautiful house in the Cilento national park. It is a place where we have brought together the natural beauty of the national park, the tranquility of the slow pace of life of the Cilento and the stimulation of interesting things to do.

We combine rustic luxury with things to do, activities that introduce you to the Cilento, that broaden your mind, that move those muscles, as well as relax and recoup in peaceful surroundings.

We will share our own love of this wild, peaceful and undiscovered Cilento national park so that your holiday is varied, interesting and relaxing.

What is Capalia…

Capalia is a peaceful and stunning place to relax and recoup. We rescued it from a broken shell that had lost its roof and had bowing walls. With much passion, attention and lateral thinking, we restructured our ancient farmhouse to make it into a vibrant home and a small paradise of comfort, a little luxury and style.

The extensive gardens, spacious rooms and pool mean that there is always somewhere to be apart and enjoy the natural peace, and always somewhere to come together to enjoy the conviviality of eating, drinking and relaxing in company.

From Capalia we will organise excursions to visit the wild Cilento, on foot or on bikes. You can partake in the annual olive harvest or join one of our many classes (laboratori). We can point you to restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine and excellent Mediterranean diet as well as the local ‘feste’ that are an insight into the Cilento ways.

Why the Cilento…

We fell in love with the Cilento and as we were building our house and our children were small, so we decided to immerse ourselves in the region. Our children went to the local school, our youngest was born in the house and we made strong friendships.

During those years we pushed ever further afield, discovering the hinterland, the wild and mountainous areas that have long been ignored by roads and by tourists.

We followed the walking trails, discovering hidden gorges, impressive sink holes and met local guides who were passionate about their area. And of course, the spectacular coastline that has pristine sea, coves and caves as well as long sandy beaches.

What do we do…

Contrada Capalia is a peaceful and stunning setting to relax, recoup and sip a cocktail by the pool. Why not? We have rooms that are spacious, with plenty of privacy and outside space, and also areas to come to together to enjoy the conviviality of eating, drinking and relaxing in company.

But the Cilento offers more than that and from Capalia you can explore this land that is still untainted by excess development. We want to show our guests the wild walks, the old villages, the expanse of untouched wilderness and the people and traditions of the Cilento. We want to share our knowledge of this place because it is a special kind of destination that is a little off the beaten track and a little bit wild.

And there is more… The Cilento is also about traditions in food, local produce and Mediterranean nutrition. We organise cookery classes in Capalia with recipes and ideas about nutrition throughout the year on the blog. We make our own olive oil and so you can have a little bit of Capalia in your own home. You can replenish your stocks directly from me at one of the fairs (see posts) or send me an email and I will deliver