Francesca Rangoni


Francesca Rangoni

The Cilento coastline boasts beautiful and clean beaches, from long sandy stretches to rocky outcrops of clear water. There is something for everybody really and here we list a few of the beaches easily accessible from Capalia. The area is a popular summer destination and so during the months of July and August the more easily accessible beaches are pretty full. But if that is not to your liking it is not hard to find a place that is. And if you come off season then you will be spoilt for choice.


The beaches of Acciaroli and the Comune di Pollica have been awarded the ‘Bandiera Blu’ accolade for numerous years, given to areas in Italy with clean sea and useful amenities.

Watch this beautiful video was made by the Comune di Castellabate, one of the areas or comuni within the national park. It shows the spectacular and clean coastline of the Cilento - so clean that turtles have returned here to lay their eggs on the beach.

watch the video promoting the clean beaches of the Cilento and the protected areas along the coast. Over the years, turtles have repeatedly chosen the clean beaches of this coastline to lay their eggs.



the long sandy one that is blissfully empty off-season and is full of people in the summer. It’s a classic beach really, with long expanses of sand and lovely shallow waters until quite far out to sea. There are plenty of lido establishments during the summer months to cater for your hunger, thirst and apertifs, all from the comfort of a reclining bed and umbrella. There are also areas where you can pitch your own towel and can still make use of the bars and eateries offered by the lidos. Off season, (essentially September through to May) the sheer volume of people decreases and the beach is reclaimed. Some lidos will stay open until October, and weekends can be busy, but the parking is easier and the crowds of July and August have vanished.


At the bottom of our road, the Caleo beach has large rounded pebbles. You park on the road and walk across the feild under the Saracen tower and down onto the beach. It is not so easy to get in and out of the sea here but is the water is beautifully clean and the beach is quiet and often empty.


A little further away from Capalia but well worth a visit. This beach caters for all tastes. It is part sand/part pebbles, and has the convenience of bars and amenities without having to pay for a lido. Right in the village of Pioppi, it is great for kids as it has breakwaters offshore which lessens strong underwater currents. There are also windsurfing and kayaking possibilities. There is a car park just to the north of the village and a lovely walkway from here all along the beach front.

Porto dei Fico

If you want something a little more wild, there is a long expanse of coast turning right from Pioppi car park. There are just rocks here but if you desire clear water and less people it is a beautiful place to swim from.


Situated at the very end of the long stretch of sand that starts at Acciaroli and ends at Mezzatorre. This is a secluded and pretty small stretch of beach that is a little harder to get to, a little more uncomfortable than the main Acciaroli beach and lacking any amenities, so a little less busy at the height of summer.

Beach in Acciaroli

To the left of Acciaroli harbour there is a lovely beach that is convenient as it is right in the village and offers both a lido or free beach space.